About LayerJet

LayerJet Solutions was initiated by Elton Chung, who was managing the server of a joint school organization, and thought that the server can be better utilized to support something good.

Given the large amount of bandwidth provided, he found that mirroring open source projects would be a good choice as they often require vast amount of bandwidth to deliver their software. He also saw that some projects were asking for donations, while it seemed they did not find the best bandwidth-cost ratio providers to deliver their software. So having a group of people who can sponsor server space, management time to provide software mirroring would be a great idea since open source software developers no longer need to worry about server over-loading right after software releases, and they can spend most of the donations on software development, instead of servers.

LayerJet is created to be a virtual and non-profit making group. Our aim is to foster FOSS development and incubate new FOSS projects by sponsoring mirrors for different Linux distro and open source software. We started serving our first byte of mirrored content on 2011/2/26, and we are now serving more than 25TB of content every month, which equals to 130,000 downloads of LibreOffice Linux installer, or 16,000 downloads of Hybryde ISO. Our mirror network consists of 4 servers located in Germany and the US.

Having a new FOSS software / Linux distro that would require some mirrors? Or having an under-utilized server and want to support a good cause? Contact us at info-AT-layerjet DOT com!

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